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What is cloud web hosting

Cloud web hosting (also called grid web hosting sometimes) is a term that many of us are familiar with. However, many people have no idea or a very basic idea of what it is. It is important that owners of web pages cloud web hosting, though. This is because cloud web hosting has become a fast growing and established part of the web hosting options available for good reason.

In the old days, when someone started online business they would put their web page on a computer server. With time, their business would grow and become more successful. Inevitably, all the demand on the web page would make it crash or slow down. To combat this, web page owners would then have to buy or rent more servers to try to keep up with demand. These servers are not only expensive to purchase or rent, but use a lot of electricity even when no-one is on the web page. The problems caused by a successful web page often ironically lead to its' eventually failure.

Cloud web hosting solves this sever load problem with an innovative solution. It uses cloud computing, meaning a web page on cloud web hosting service has access to computing power instantly whenever it needs it. This eliminates the need to buy or rent servers and pay to keep them running. With cloud web hosting, when demand goes up you are able to match that demand almost instantly as the cloud gives more computing power to your web page. This keeps customers happy and the web page successful. When your web page needs less computing power, the cloud takes back what computing power you no longer need preventing you from having to pay for what you do not need.

Unlike the old way of hosting where there were physical severs that could be touched, the severs with cloud web hosting companies are assessed remotely from any computer. However, it does not really matter that the servers with cloud web hosting cannot be physically touched. What matters is that the serves are reliable, easy to use and stable.

Billing works based on how much computing power as actually used. This means when a web page is successful and needs a lot of computing power the bill will be higher and if demand for it is low the bill will be smaller. This makes much more since than paying a large flat bill every month regardless of your need that month.

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular as more companies join the revolution and switch to cloud web hosting for three reasons. First, cloud web hosting makes it easy to get computing power on demand based on your needs. Second, when more computing power is needed it is instantly available on demand. Lastly, cloud hosting saves money, because you only pay for what you use.

We are a green host!

We like our planet!
Loads of hosting companies are going green these days, and so is Wizzz! We've been working hard on making sure we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible!

If you'd like to know more about what green web hosting is and what it means for you as a customer - make sure to check out this article on our site...

And cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is great, but...
Cloud hosting is great, but not for everyone. We've decided to offer more conventional types of web hosting to match more conventional types of web sites (think small businesses, doctors, lawyers, ...).

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