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Beginner Hosting

Our cheapest plan, but still a high performance one!

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VPS Hosting

Your own virtual server with unlimited domains and root access!

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Dedicated Hosting

A real dedicated server in our high-end data center. True power and freedom!

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What is VPS web hosting

When using the Internet, there are two common questions that come up very often. How are web sites developed and who develops them? There are multiple answers for both, but before you can even start talking about web sites, you have to go through what allows the process to occur. A web host is a server platform where you can store all of your domains in an organized fashion to allow the creation of web sites. They control things like the files that are stored for use on the web site, how fast the site can load, and some of the more technical features that some sites have integrated into them.

With web hosting, the most common way is to find a dedicated server that offers web hosting and go through them to get everything you need to get going for a fee. However, some people feel that getting their own VPS or virtual private server is more efficient. Using a VPS means you are using your own computer as a server to accomplish tasks on the Internet. In essence, having a VPS is like having your very own web hosting company at the tip of your fingers.

When running your own VPS, you have a lot more freedom to do things that you can't on a dedicated server. You can upload anything you want to it, there are no limitations to the type of sites you can create, and you can load things like proxies and e-mail programs to assist you in your daily online needs. The only catch to having a VPS is actually getting one. You will have to find a seller that will probably allow you to rent it for a monthly fee, much like a dedicated server.

After installing a VPS, your physical server or computer will act as the hypervisor. As the hypervisor, you are in charge of all of the guest operating systems or virtual machines. The hypervisor must translate, map, and convert requests from the guest system into the correct type of requests on the host so that it may be fully virtualized. Most fully virtualized guest systems are CPU supported and will not drain too many resources.

Choosing a VPS or dedicated server is all a matter of choice and circumstance, but if you feel that you have the technical know-how, it is definitely a cheaper deal.

We are a green host!

We like our planet!
Loads of hosting companies are going green these days, and so is Wizzz! We've been working hard on making sure we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible!

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And cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is great, but...
Cloud hosting is great, but not for everyone. We've decided to offer more conventional types of web hosting to match more conventional types of web sites (think small businesses, doctors, lawyers, ...).

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