beginner hosting

Beginner Hosting

Our cheapest plan, but still a high performance one!

Starts at just $99.95/month!

vps hosting

VPS Hosting

Your own virtual server with unlimited domains and root access!

Starts at just $294.95/month!

dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Hosting

A real dedicated server in our high-end data center. True power and freedom!

Starts at just $794.95/month!

What is Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting differs from other hosting options in that the webmasters with a dedicated server have near absolute control of the entire physical server to use how they please. A dedicated server allows full access to making any software modifications that the webmaster wishes to make. This even includes the ability to wipe the system and change the server's operating system to something different.

For power users and those who have an advanced and specific set of requirements for their website, the full level of flexibility and control offered by dedicated hosting makes it worth the extra cost. Dedicated hosting is often pricier than shared hosting plans, and for good reason. Instead of sharing system resources with a group of other websites, webmasters pay a little extra in costs to have full reign over a server or set of servers.

Although webmasters have full access to dedicated servers, hosting providers can still provide hardware and software maintenance on the server, sometimes at an extra cost. Most providers will pre-install the customers choice from a wide range of operating systems and software, from the Linux LAMP stack to the Windows operating system and associated Windows web-server software. Providers can even set up web based control panels for customers, making it easy to control the server like one would in a shared server environment, but without losing the potential flexibility and power provided by dedicated hosting.

Aside from full control, many choose dedicated hosting because of the massive bandwidth capabilities. Dedicated server providers utilize immense amounts of bandwidth, as they are able to obtain bandwidth in bulk prices from multiple access providers. This makes a dedicated server's potential bandwidth incredibly robust and fast, some providers even offering a 100% uptime guarantee on the servers internet connection.

Those utilizing a dedicated hosting plan can take advantage of this bandwidth access because they will often have their own dedicated line to the net with a guaranteed level of bandwidth. This bandwidth is determined by the contact and offers at sign up. A metered service allows the server to access the internet with unhindered speed, but there is a limited amount of data transfer over a set amount of time, going over that incurring fees. An unmetered service allows a limited bandwidth, but with an unlimited amount of usage for that particular bandwidth.

We are a green host!

We like our planet!
Loads of hosting companies are going green these days, and so is Wizzz! We've been working hard on making sure we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible!

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And cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is great, but...
Cloud hosting is great, but not for everyone. We've decided to offer more conventional types of web hosting to match more conventional types of web sites (think small businesses, doctors, lawyers, ...).

Don't know what cloud hosting is? Check out our cloud hosting information right here!