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What is shared web hosting

Shared web hosting involves sharing the physical hardware of the web server with many individual users and websites. Each website is given its own piece of system resources, and is kept separate from other sites on the server. Shared hosting is often identified as being a more cost effective solution to web hosting, as cost for upkeep of the server is split among the many users with access to the server, and not a single entity.

When compared to dedicated hosting, webmaster access to the server can be limited to basic configuration capabilities, often through a web based control panel. Allowing webmasters further access would cause an effect not only to their site but the sites of others on the shared server. This causes some restrictions that are a major hindrance for some more advanced web hosting needs, although most websites can operate on a shared server without trouble.

Hosting companies running shared hosting services often take care of the required server maintenance for the users. This includes but is not limited to necessary hardware maintenance, data backups, software updates, and generally any other task required to maintain the maximum uptime and security of the server.

Shared hosting often runs on the Linux Operating System, with a setup known as the LAMP software stack. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/PERL/Python. These are all free and open source software tools that work as a solid foundation on which to build nearly any website. Free and open source software packages are often found included with shared hosting packages because of their proven industry robustness while maintaining the economical goal of most shared hosting enterprises, via inexpensive or even non-existent licencing fees.

Despite this, it is still possible to find shared hosting services running on proprietary operating systems such as Windows.

Shared web hosting is handled by the server usually in one of the two following methods, IP based or name based:

IP based virtual hosting assigns an individual IP address to every website on the server. This allows the website to be accessed not only by host name, but through the website's IP address as well, in the case that host name resolution for that site is not working.

Name based virtual hosting assigns a specific domain name to every host on the server, and all hosts reside under a single IP. This is achieved via the host name contained within the HTTP request header, which allows the server to direct to the right website. Name based virtual hosting can run into problems though, as older browsers do not send the host in the HTTP header. Also, access to the server is restricted to the domain name, and if Domain Name Services are not working, the website cannot be accessed.

We are a green host!

We like our planet!
Loads of hosting companies are going green these days, and so is Wizzz! We've been working hard on making sure we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible!

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And cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is great, but...
Cloud hosting is great, but not for everyone. We've decided to offer more conventional types of web hosting to match more conventional types of web sites (think small businesses, doctors, lawyers, ...).

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